How to pawn your car

Pawning a car in South Africa is an easy process. It involves handing over your fully paid-up vehicle to a reputable short-term loans provider such as Car Buy Kings in exchange for instant cash.

At Car Buy Kings, the only requirements are that you sign a loan agreement and submit a few supporting documents, and we’ll electronically transfer the money into your account within 24 hours.

Below we’ve outlined each of the steps, with any associated requirements, involved in pawning your car.


1. Prepare At Home

  • Your car must be fully paid
  • The owner of the car must apply for the loan and sign the agreements

2. Get Your Documents

  • A copy of your ID and proof of residence
  • Original registration certificate of the car
  • If the car is in the name a company, cipro docs, company resolutions (we advise), copy of the proxy’s ID.

3. Come To Our Office

  • Bring the documents and the car for a free evaluation (the value of your vehicle will determine the value of your loan)
  • Read, complete and if your are happy sign the loan agreement
  • The car is stored in a secure facility
  • A transfer is made to you electronically.

4. Get Your Car Back

  • Pay the monthly interest charge as per the agreement
  • Pay the capital back as per the agreement
  • Once the money reflects in our account, collect your car and related documents.