For most of us, there comes a time in our lives that we need to buy a car. Whether it’s to get to work, see the family, do the weekly shop, we have all thought at some point, how handy a car would  be.

With so many different vehicles on the market all offering something unique it’s easy to become a little lost. It’s here that we start to make mistakes. We end up rush purchasing, not testing the car, or not shopping around enough.

Here I’m going to look at 4 of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing a vehicle so that you can avoid them.

Let’s get started…

1. Research

Many people go wrong before they’ve even begun. Thorough research is imperative when you’re purchasing a new vehicle.

You need to understand the types of vehicles, the advantages and disadvantages of different makes and models and so on. You won’t be able to make a sure-fire purchase without this understanding.

You’d just have to go on the words of the dealer, who I’m sure will be trying to swindle you out of your money.

Look at reviews of the cars you like the look of. What do the professional car lovers think of your potential vehicle? If they think it’s god-awful, don’t buy it!

2. Not shopping around

It’s very easy to quickly fall in love with a vehicle.

You’ve been researching for a week or so and you stumble across a car that ticks all the boxes and is within your budget. You want to jump right in don’t you?

Well I advise against. Give a month or two to shopping around. Head to car dealers outside of town. Also, don’t just look at big brand names. There are lots of little known car makes that are perfect for a smaller budget.

3. Not test driving

So now you’ve researched the different vehicles and shopped around for something that’s right for you, it’s time to try it out for yourself. It’s all very well and good that the professional car writers love the vehicle you’ve picked, but you might not love it.

Too many people go on the word of someone else when purchasing a car, and don’t bother to try it out for themselves. Always test drive. It’ll be the perfect test to find out if you like the vehicle or not.

4. Not budgeting other costs

Before you purchase the car you must consider all other costs. You might be able to afford the vehicle itself, but can you afford the insurance, the regular MOTs, the services? I hear all too often of people purchasing a car, and then it sitting on their drive way because they can’t afford to run it.

Always make sure that you look into fuel costs etc before buying and make sure that you can afford everything that come along with it.

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